TOYA Studio is a boutique architectural design firm based in San Francisco, CA. We craft contemporary homes that are timeless and personal and think the best projects are ones with a story.

For each project, we take inspiration from the passions and lives of our clients, using memories and associations around what constitutes home. Whether it’s perfecting the light during your favorite time of day or evoking a space from your personal history, we’re always looking for that “thing” in your house that gives it soul, personality, and a sense of history. Combining that with the story of a site, local building traditions, or unique materials, our approach gives meaning to the homes we build beyond the construction of any four walls or fleeting fad.

It’s why we value clients who care about our process and enjoy being engaged. By partnering up with the best collaborators and you, we always find creative solutions to meet your needs. With 20 plus years of experience combining modern and historic styles, it’s our mission to tailor a home that reflects your life.